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Starting a new life takes work


Immigrants may suffer from depression, alienation

By Karen Maserjian Shan
For Living & Being

Sometimes, Carmen La Serna would cry at night.

“I used to write letters to my friends because I had so many friends in my country that I missed a lot,” said La Serna, 34, a Poughkeepsie resident who moved from Peru to Westchester County in 2000. “I missed going home. I missed food from my mom.”

Life coach Maria Elena Ferrer of Kingston’s Humanamente coaching and organizational-development firm, said many people who make a major move feel tremendous loss, called migratory mourning.

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Powerful judge leads Assange legal team

Baltazar Garzon

LONDON, July 25 (UPI) -- The judge who indicted Chilean ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet will lead a legal team for WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange, the whistle-blowing Web site said.

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