IndieGoGo Campaign Perks

Thanks for supporting our crowdfunding campaign at IndieGoGo: Now What Happens in Vegas ... Goes National!

Here you can find a complete description of our unique perks, which include special participation in our integrative Migratory Mourning workshops, as well as high-fives, T-shirts and other goodies.

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Programa en 3 fases para la elaboración del Duelo Migratorio

Nos complace el presentarles nuestra propuesta de talleres sobre Duelo Migratorio para vuestra organización.

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3 Phases Migratory Mourning Program

We are happy to present a proposal for a Migratory Mourning Workshop Series at YOUR organization.

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Banking on Our Future: Hispanics in the Hudson Valley

Hispanic-Americans are the fastest-growing and youngest minority group in Ulster and Dutchess counties, representing nearly 10% of the total population and growing more than 40% since 2000. (The overall population grew less than 5%.) An estimated 15,000 of local Hispanics are “unbanked.” Hundreds of local Hispanics also run small home-based and storefront businesses that enrich the broader community.

YOUR bank is a regional leader in reaching the Hispanic community. Humanamente would like to help the bank strengthen its leadership, attract unbanked Hispanic and help Hispanic community members become fully productive members of the community at large.

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